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"Jersey's most outspoken politician - he works for the people"
"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing"


Welcome to the website of Ted Vibert !


I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED in Jersey politics for many years. 


I was a reporter on the Jersey Evening Post for five years after leaving Hautlieu and studying at Southampton University and then became Jersey’s only public relations officer promoting tourism in London.  I then returned to Jersey and started a successful magazine  "Jersey Topic” and a Sunday newspaper the “Island Sun”. 


When I realised that my four children would never have a chance of owning their own homes here we emigrated to Australia and I became heavily involved in Australian business and politics, working in the PR and marketing industry.  I also worked in New York and Washington.  Following the death of my wife of forty years with breast cancer, I moved back to Jersey and within three months of my return was elected as a Deputy in number St. Helier 1 district.  I was later elected as a Senator but had to retire short of my term through ill-health.  I am now extremely fit and well and feel that the talents I believe I have been blessed with can be utilised in making Jersey a fairer and better society, especially for the ordinary people of Jersey.


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Ted Vibert